Former Fresh Cut Collective rapper Blax talks about his new record, Milwaukee’s reenergized rap scene, and teaming up with Coo Coo Cal. Read more

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Milwaukee rapper Mic Crawf never signed up to be the host of the Uptowner’s Sunday night open mic. He simply stepped up to fill in when the event’s original host, Scott Summers, didn’t show up one night. That Read more

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Semi-Twang's 1988 record Salty Tears was intended to be the first of a seven-album deal for Warner Bros., and it made the Milwaukee group early heroes of the burgeoning alt-country scene, but its modest sales Read more

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Filmed with a scant budget amid considerable studio objections, leaving Alfred Hitchcock to use the crew from his “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” television show to save money, Psycho went on to become one of the director’s most iconi Read more

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