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Milwaukee's rap scene has been in overdrive for the last couple of years, but we do our best to keep up with it. Once again we've rounded up our favorite recent singles, mixtapes, videos and odds and ends for our periodic Milwaukee Hip-Hop Round-U.. more

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With his music videos for WebsterX, Damien Klaven demonstrated his gift for world building, making footage filmed in or around Milwaukee look like it was somehow imported from an exotic foreign film. He brings that same skill to the latest music v.. more

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Meet 11 rappers leading Milwaukee’s hip-hop renaissance, anchoring a rap scene that’s never been stronger. more

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Video Villains VJs Adam Kuhnen and Michael Britton have brought an eye-popping aesthetic to Milwaukee’s music scene. more

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An array of artists from Milwaukee’s music scene lent their voices to Kiings’ debut full-length album, WWYDF. more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly panel with Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I, we return from a few weeks off to celebrate the best Milwaukee albums of the year. We share some standout tracks from NO/NO, Space Raft, Death Blues, Joseph Hu.. more

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In a banner year for local music, these 15 albums absolutely blew us away. more

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There’s a surplus of talent bubbling in the Milwaukeerap scene right now, including probably about a dozen or so truly deserving rappersall trying to position themselves for a big break. Wave Chapelle has a leg upover all of them. After movin.. more

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Young Milwaukee rappers are coming up all the time,so it shouldn’t be news that there’s a fresh crop of up and comers looking tomake a name for themselves. That’s always the case. Still it’s hard not to lookat the burgeoning talent in the scene.. more

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Sincethe genre’s earliest days, MCs have described rap as poetry, an assertion thatonce seemed bold but now seems indisputable. Of course rap is poetry. It's auniquely insular strain of poetry, though, more interesting in quoting itselfand inv.. more

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“For the curious, life is one continuous effort after meeting,” writes Hillary Quella in her artist’s statement for The Moon Is Always the Moon. The Moon print took second place at the “Fourth Annual Midwest Juried Photo Exhibition more

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When it comes to making a shocking impression, Alice Cooper has the perfect formula.For nearly five decades Cooper has been pioneering an off-shoot of hard-rock frequently called shock rock, and has lately taken on a particular fascination ... more

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With his 1996 debut Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite , Maxwell helped establish mellow, groove-based neo-soul as a commercially viable alternative to the more dance-based R&B of the time, but after his 2001 album, Now , he willfully more

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It’s not just the body of a teenage girl found near the water that will remind some of us of “Twin Peaks.” The Italian film The Girl by the Lake (La Ragazza del Lago) unfolds in a small town nestled amid mountains and woods, an idyllic s more

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Milwaukee’s Karl Iglesias has been rapping under the name OYE! for less than two years, but he’s already played support for some big shows with Wale, Ludacris, Colin Munroe and Young Chris. Tonight at MOCT, the young Puerto Rican emcee more

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When I was leading a workshop at a conference recently, I received the following question from a participant. “I have been with my boyfriend for one year. We are both virgins. We’re talking about having sex, but I’m not sure. How do more