Bloom Gallery And Creative Groun



Have youresolved to be more creative in 2015?The BloomGallery and Creative Ground has a numberof noteworthy offerings to help develop new skills for the new year.Each week bringsa handful of art classes – one for adults, one for families a.. Read more

Visual Arts

It is triviallytrue that a painter is a painter by virtue of painting paintings. The sameholds for a craftsperson in any domain. Perhaps Aristotle was the first tonotice this: “we become builders, for instance, by building, and we becomeharpis.. Read more

Visual Arts

As an ambitious kid from Mississippi, Charlie Mars enjoyed anonymity until college, practicing music that would lay the groundwork for three stirring albums, Broken Arrow (’96), Born and Razed i> Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Just afterthe Civil War, Ezekiel Gillespie, born into slavery in the South in 1818 as theson of a slave owner, successfully sued the state to affirm the right ofWisconsin’s black citizens to vote. Gillespie had been turned away from thepoll... Read more

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