Americans listen when Michael Bloomberg speaks, not only because he is the mayor of New York City... Read more

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Legislators have the opportunity to do the right thing this week by voting to ban smoking in Wisconsin. The state Senate held a hearing today and the state Assembly is holding a hearing tomorrow. Both houses could vote on legislation quickly and s.. Read more

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Residents of southeastern Wisconsin can send strong message on Sept. 9 by voting for Marge Krupp in the Democra,Elections Read more

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Anticon Records is still best known as a hip-hop label, but there’s nary a trace of Wolves and Wishes ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Instead of watching the mind-numbing pre-Super Bowl program, we watchedC-SPAN and saw what Andrew Rosenthal of the L.A.Times called "the mostfantastic rally in 20 years of covering presidential campaigns." Itwas held at UCLA and featured M.. Read more

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