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Unless it’s tosend a pigskin between the triumphant arms of a goal post, Americans prefer touse their hands when playing ball-based sports. Nevertheless, soccer – or‘football’ as it is known just about everywhere else – remains the world.. Read more

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On paper, it should not be a successful election strategy for a political party to intentionally create more misery for Americans during one of the worst economic periods in our history.Yet, if media analysts are to be believed—always a dub... Read more

Taking Liberties 6 Comments

More from my discussion with educator and activist Jonathan Kozol, who’ll be speaking on Monday, March 9, at the UW-Milwaukee Union. (For more information, go to or call 229-4201.) Kozol is dismayed by the lack of.. Read more

Daily Dose

In 2004, Bradford Beach was widely considered the dirtiest beach in Milwaukee. Its E. coli bacteria count reached unsafe levels for 61% of that year’s swimmingseason, and while there were some encouraging signs, the overalloutlook was not good.... Read more

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