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An online petition has been garnering support from those opposed to the possibility of a Dollar General Store opening in the Third Ward. Read more

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Electric scooters have returned to Milwaukee (via Lime so far) and are raising questions on their presence in the city. Read more

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The Historic Preservation Committee ruled against the Marcus Center Monday, but the debate over accessibility continues. Read more

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Aldermen expressed the concerns of many Milwaukee citizens Wednesday during a Public Works Committee meeting. Read more

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Should the Bucks pay for part of an extension to the Fiserv Forum? Read more

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Three new bus routes are being considered in the area—one of which would connect central Milwaukee to the Foxconn site nearly 30 miles away. Read more

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At Wednesday morning's Public Works Committee meeting Alderman Bob Bauman put forward an ordinance that allows the city to impound scooters located on public property, including sidewalks. Read more

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As Wisconsin tries to recruit and train a new generation of skilled tradespeople, the state is faced with the problem of where to find the enormous numbers of workers needed to construct the Foxconn facility. Read more

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Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman said he has learned a lot from reading the “anti-displacement plan” released last month by Milwaukee officials, but the lessons he took away from it might not be exactly what the people behind the report had envisioned. Read more

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A very public scolding by Milwaukee Common Council President Michael Murphy has resulted in a letter from Gov. Scott Walker stating that the state Department of Corrections (DOC) would work with local leaders on concerns about the city’s d... Read more

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Now that the city’s strict cap on taxicab permits has been declared unconstitutional, the Milwaukee Common Council has an opportunity to develop new taxicab permitting Read more

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Milwaukee’s taxicabdrivers were happy with Circuit Court Judge Jane Carroll’s decision today thatprevents the city from enforcing its taxicab permit cap because it's unconstitutional.But cabbies won’t be ableto apply for new permits just yet... Read more

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The Sanfelippo family’s control of Milwaukee’s taxicab cartel may be over.In an oral decision delivered April 16, Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Jane Carroll found that the city’s strict cap on taxicab permits is unconstitutional. Read more

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Last Wednesday, a Milwaukee Common Council committee voted to pursue negotiations to sell Lake Michigan... Read more

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Though Joey’s is part ofa chain, it doesn’t really feel like one. What stands out most is theaffordable pricing, especially at lunchtime. Be in the mood for items like mahimahi, catfish, fish & chips and scallops, as this is not a pl,Dinin Read more

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