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The Couture Rendering by Rinka Chung Architecture

Seven years ago, the Couture project was started, but it still hasn’t reached the construction stage. Read more

Issue of the Week 3 Comments

The alderman says the issue has been resolved. Read more

Happening Now

Also why the Oscars, despite the Academy's best efforts, are doomed to be boring. Read more

On Music

Six months. That’s the amount of time city and non-profit leaders have to come up with a solution to fix the high number of needles littered across Milwaukee’s streets. Read more

Happening Now

Groups across the city honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while a number of elected officials host town hall meetings. Read more

Saving Our Democracy 1 Comments

Although the homeless population has decreased over the past few years, new “tent cities” downtown have increased the visibility of the issue. Read more

Happening Now

After almost five hours of debate, the 2019 proposed City of Milwaukee budget was passed by the Common Council Tuesday. Read more

Happening Now

A measure to increase pay for elected officials in Milwaukee—which would include members of the Common Council—was sent back to committee during a Monday council meeting. Read more

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The Public Safety and Health Committee accepted a $175,000 grant for the Milwaukee Police Department to expand the program Thursday morning. Read more

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The fight to create a new Inspector General position for the City of Milwaukee is over. Read more

Happening Now

The city finally has a new health commissioner as Milwaukee native Jeanette Kowalik was sworn in Wednesday. Read more

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One of our values as a society is the protection of the most vulnerable. That class of people includes children. So, it should not have been a surprise when the Milwaukee Common Council voted to ban conversion therapy for minors. Read more


“This is an ordinance about protecting young people in our community,” said Ald. Cavalier Johnson, who introduced the measure. “This is hurting vulnerable minors.” Read more

Happening Now 1 Comments

Madison is considering a pair of bills that could reduce LGBTQ protections from discrimination; an HIV/STI cluster in Milwaukee is being ignored by churches; and two Milwaukee Common Councilmen abstained from a vote on banning conversion ... Read more


Like so many of rap’s modern greats, Lil Boosie is a complicated figure. He’s one of the most purely talented rappers of his generation, whose vivid storytelling has served as a model for countless southern rappers that have emerged in his wake. H.. Read more

On Music

“A heavy-handed, stop every vehicle with a burned out taillight approach to policing is counterproductive,” testified Rev. Joseph Ellwanger of MICAH. Read more

News Features 3 Comments

The draft of Ald. Bob Donovan’s Public Safety Action Plan, released two weeks after a Milwaukee police officer fatally shot Sylville Smith, has not yet had a public hearing and at least one influential Milwaukee Common Council member—Financ... Read more

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In the midst of a citywide conversion about reducing tension between the police and the community, the Milwaukee Common Council released its “Public Safety Action Plan,” which offers no new programs for actually improving police-communit... Read more

News Features 22 Comments

Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan’s Public Safety Committee has come up with a handy list of really bad ideas everyone should be working together to root out instead of perpetuating. Read more

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