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On their second release, Volume Two, Milwaukee’s Rebecca and the Grey Notes perform a smart, sincere amalgam of unassumingly sweet acoustic country, light blues rock swagger and a hooky sort of Americana. more

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Roy Orbison: Black & White Night 30 Rather than repackage Roy Orbison’s acclaimed 1987 cable special, the producers culled through unused footage and showed,Home Movies / Out On Digital more

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Any week that brings Lil Yachty to town is a good week. more

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On Occapella, Jon Cleary—blue-eyed, English-born bastion of 'Nawlins-cooked R&B, barroom killer on the piano (and guitar), and one-time collaborator with Bonnie Raitt—applies his own appropriate brand of playing to '50s soul, gri more

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The two Dylan covers, both from Time Out of Mind, no less, reveal the state of Bonnie Raitt's old heart: full of appreciation, wonder and tough nostalgia for “the rest of us, who used to rule the world.” Sure, the smooth blues... more

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The legendary folk-rock act Crosby, Stills & Nash will return to the Riverside Theater on Sunday, Aug. 5 as part of their extensive summer tour, the venue announced this morning. For these shows, the trio will be backed by a five-piece band. R.. more

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Taketron ,CD Reviews more

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Count me in the "Joaquin Phoenix was faking it" camp. Though Phoenix convincingly displayed the eerily detached, flat affect of a patient in the early stages of schizophrenia, he hid behind the same thick, black sunglasses as so many bluffing poke.. more

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In the early ‘80s, Hiatt’s songwriting prowess earned himthe title “the American Elvis Costello.” Unlike Costello, however, Hiatt hadtrouble writing hits—at least for himself. Three Dog Night and Bonnie Raittperformed his songs to great success, ... more

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