The Book Of Eli


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Thealarm clock rings and a hand, emerging from the coffin alongside the nightstand,probes for the off button. Out comes Viago, a bit stiff but spry for a creature379 years old. Of course, he’s a vampire, and has the cape to prove it. “Yes,nigh.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The biographical one-man show is kind of a weird genre of theatre. One guy onstage is Lincoln or Twain or Clarence Darrow or some such. Under the best circumstances, it's an interesting look into the life of a historical figure. Early this month,.. more


Thirty years after the final war, solitary Eli is the ultimate survivor. Portrayed by a graying Denzel Washington, Eli possesses a rare remaining copy of the bible and carries a machete -- wielded against anyone foolish enough to try and ta... more

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With the manyproblems facing the world, a strong undercurrent of apocalyptic anxiety runs The Road ,Film more

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