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Dear Ruthie offers advice to a reader seeking new friends and provides her social calendar for fun end-of-summer events. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Opening this week are Alchemist Theatre’s production of David Mamet’s scintillating Sexual Perversity in Chicago, and Boozy Bard Productions’ Shakespeare Raw: Antony and Cleopatra, a playful, drunken staging of Shakespeare’s classic. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Titus Andronicus is thought to have been Shakespeare’s first tragedy. It is one of his least-respected plays. Back then bloody revenge drama was popular. So it’s possible this was Shakespeare’s attempt to sell tickets without regard to artistic me.. Read more



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My kingdom for a horse. (Or maybe just a decent IPA.) Boozy Bard Productions returns to the stage early next month as it presents Shakespeare’s tale of the ambitious Richard III. The drama features a group of people performing who have not rehears.. Read more


Boozy Bard Productions opens the new year with a fun and informal staging of Shakespeare’s romance Much Ado About Nothing at the Best Place Tavern in the Historic Pabst Brewery. Beatrice, Benedict and beer? You bet.All the actors read the script,.. Read more




Some time ago, a certain (no longer active) Milwaukee theater critic showed a certain amount of snobbery when he suggested that only those who are classically trained Shakespearian actors should perform the works of Shakespeare. Ignoring how poorl.. Read more


Two of the city’s most veteran hip-hop DJs, DJ E Rich and Kid Cut Up, the later a founding member of the No Request crew and the co-host of WMSE’s Tuesday night hip-hop program “Mad Kids,” team up every Monday night at the Wicked H Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Unlike many punk pioneers, former X frontman John Doe has managed to remain both alive and relevant. In fact, Doe’s output has increased as he has gotten older. The 21st century has seen him release six albums, the latest being 2009’s Count... Read more

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In a 21st-century world dominated by high-tech convenience, a love letter today, if such a curiosity still exists, most likely would be delivered as a cursory Facebook message or soon-to-be deleted e-mail; however, in a time gone by, writte... Read more


Pleasant Valley Inn is a hidden landmark among Milwaukee restaurants. Under various names and guises, it has operated since the 1920s from the far corner of West Allis, many blocks from the nearest main street. Many years ago farms or open ... Read more

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A three-day showcase of area experimental rock, pop and punk bands, Freaks Come Out Fest returns to the all-ages arts space the Borg Ward for its second year tonight. Tonight’s lineup includes Holy Shit!, Cartilage Party, Freedom Ride Read more

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