Boz Scaggs

In reputation, Boz Scaggs’ career trajectory seems an odd evolution from gritty bluesman to urbane R&B performer. But hearing the early tracks on Scaggs’ two-disc career overview proves that it all makes sense. Scaggs’ 1969 debut album for ... more

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I had gone to see Flu Season with Youngblood. There on the table with everything else were tiny, little green cards advertising a show that was set to make it to Carte Blanche studios in May. Hadn’t heard of the theatre company before. Must be n.. more


In his five-decade career, singer-songwriter Boz Scaggs has brushed shoulders with more famous people than Forest Gump, playing with the Steve Miller Band, recording an album with Duane Allman and touring with Donald Fagen. He found his gre... more

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