Bradford Beach

So many things to see and do in and around Brew City throughout the year Read more

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Badly designed plans to demolish much of an urban treasure—Milwaukee’s Lakefront—were once blocked by bi-partisan efforts from politicians and UW-Milwaukee faculty members. Find out how and why. Read more

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For over one hundred years, Milwaukeeans have used NewYear’s Day as an excuse to charge headlong into the freezing waters of LakeMichigan. The tradition continues this Sunday at noon at Bradford Beach, as thousandsof people – young and o.. Read more

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Unless it’s tosend a pigskin between the triumphant arms of a goal post, Americans prefer touse their hands when playing ball-based sports. Nevertheless, soccer – or‘football’ as it is known just about everywhere else – remains the world.. Read more

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Fresh, new theater company Outskirts Theatre brings a thoughtful, little comedy to the stage of the Underground Collaborative this month. Paula Vogel’s And Baby Makes Seven is an interesting premise. Two women in a loving, committed relationship h.. Read more


Few things are better on a hot day along the lakeshore than a delicious burger and some refreshing custard. Northpoint Custard (2272 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive) at Bradford Beach is perfect for grabbing a quick Read more

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At the end of the month, Brian Mani stars as Tevye in the Children’s Theatre of Madison’s production of The Fiddler On The Roof. Mani is a captivating actor who has played numerous memorable roles over the years for American Players Theatre and .. Read more


I can’t stress enough that I respect the Off the Wall Theatre. That it’s managed to maintain for all these years in a tiny little space in the shadow of some of the largest, most historic theatrical venues in the city is impressive enough. The fa.. Read more


Theatre Gigante continues its season early next month with a play on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Written by Gigante’s Isabelle Kralj & Mark Anderson, the show draws on Shakespeare’s classic for inspiration. According to the press rele.. Read more


A New Year’s resolution is often a well-intentioned, empty declaration made the morning after an evening of celebration of excess. And while some are content to accept this fact, others have been finding ways to punctuate New Year’s Day wit... Read more

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Why wonder about water on Mars, when there’s plenty to ponder from the shores of Lake Michigan? Photographer Kevin J. Miyazaki navigated the lake’s 1,800-mile perimeter this past summer with a portable studio ready to record, via digital C-... Read more

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I'd like my ashes to be scattered near here—maybe not in the sand right under the feet of the volleyball players, but in view of them. I'd like to spend eternity beside the lake, the tree-filled bluffs, the sunbathers, Frisbee players, wind... Read more

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It's that time of year again, time to take the 1st swim of the year, the 2011 Polar Bear Plunge! Jump-in time is at noon and will end at 2pm. The plunge is taking place at Milwaukee's lakefront at Bradford Beach on January 1, 20,New Year's ... Read more

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On paper, it should not be a successful election strategy for a political party to intentionally create more misery for Americans during one of the worst economic periods in our history.Yet, if media analysts are to be believed—always a dub... Read more

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Summer has finally arrived, so lather on some sunscreen and head down to Bradford Beach to enjoy some sun, sand and great food. At the south end of the beach, Bartolotta’s Northpoint snack bar (2272 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.) offers burgers g... Read more

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Shooter Jennings shares not only a familial resemblance to his father, Waylon—Shooter even depicted his dad in the movie Walk the Line —but also his father’s love of tightly wound, rock-inflected country, making him one of the Read more

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It's not a national holiday yet, but for basketball fans it might as well be. The first week of the NCAA Division I tournament, with 48 games Thursday through Sunday, will have millions anchored to their couches rooting their favorites—and ... Read more

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Remember Advocates for Student Achievement (ASA), the conservative-backed “reform” group that recruited and trained candidates for the 2009 MPS board elections?It took almost a year, but the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office Read more

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Overthe next few months the health insurance industry is going to befinancing a major ad campaign to try to convince you that yoursmall-,Expresso Read more

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