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Joy was inspired by the real-life story of Joy Mangano, a struggling single mom who made a fortune by inventing and marketing the Miracle Mop. Rather than tell her story in the dull fashion of a Hallmark docudrama, Writer-Director David O. ... more

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In Aloha Bradley Cooper appears as a celebrated military contractor, Brian, who returns to Hawaii where he previously enjoyed a career triumph, but now teams up with a military pilot (Emma Stone) to stop a satellite launch. more

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Director Clint Eastwood looks at the psychological toll of war with American Sniper. Set in Iraq during the U.S. occupation, the protagonist is real Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), a marksman credited with 160 kills. Eastwood’s film ... more

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In order to retain its PG-13 rating, this biopic omits and/or glosses over parts of singer James Brown’s history. Starring Chadwick Boseman as Brown, the film documents the singer’s impoverished childhood and subsequent rise to fame. Along ... more

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We meet Irving (Christian Bale) in a hotel room mirror, pasting a toupee over his thinning hair and topping it with hairspray to make things stick. Irving’s vanity is a deception tied to a yen for recreating himself as the raconteur he’d lo... more

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Loosely based on actual events, this retelling of the Abscam sting of the 1970s is narrated by con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his girlfriend Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams). She overlooks Irving’s marriage to unstable Rosalyn (Jen... more

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Although the team of street racers are now wealthy and mostly content, they are wanted fugitives unable to return home to the U.S. That could change if they help lawman Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) capture British more

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The Words is a story about the allure of storytelling framed by an author whose new novel is about a frustrated novelist acclaimed as “the storyteller of his generation” only after passing off someone else’s work ... more

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Like many B movies, Older than America is interesting for exploring paths well beyond the boundaries of Hollywood. Director Georgina Lightning’s story, hovering between the supernatural and the political, unfolds on an Indian reservation in a r.. more

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Present Music’s latest program revives Kamran Ince’s Flight Box, a piece commissioned for the opening of Santiago Calatrava’s art museum expansion that plays on the aeronautical quality of the architect’s winged design. The bill wi more

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