The Collected Stories of Machado de Assis is a massive tome, gathering 76 short stories with several in English for the first time. Read more


David Goldblatt critiques the “modern Olympics” from Athens 1896 through Sochi 2014 with a nod toward Rio de Janeiro 2016 in The Games: A Global History of the Olympics. He finds much to criticize at every turn. Written with searing Brit... Read more


Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company continues to expand. Last fall the company opened a second location in Walker's Point, and soon it will have a presence in the Third Ward, as it opens a stand in the Milwaukee Public Market. It will replace the Ceda.. Read more

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Why do America's 1% care so little about the country's middle class? Investigative reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele answer this way: Even after reducing American workers to a cheap labor pool, the growing middle classes of B... Read more


Despite its puerile presentation, complete with blood-splattered videogame graphics and stentorian narration (“Caligula was the poster boy for sociopaths the world over”), the History Channel series “Ancients Behaving Badly” manages to show how .. Read more

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Elaine Erickson Gallery closes the three-dimensional exhibition "Manifestations" on August 31. This exceptional show curated by Elaine Erickson at her gallery in the Marshall Building on East Buffalo Street in the Historic Third Ward features .. Read more

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The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008 “Wecan’t let little countries Newsweek ,None Read more

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In October, Pentecostal preacher Thomas Weeks told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution thath Atlanta Journal-Constitution ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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This is an invite only, co-host search, at Decibel Deepbar. Cameras will be filming for t While the Brewers were rolling past the Cardinals and taking aim at the Cubs, the Observer ,Sponsored Events Read more

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The Police made major headlines when, after 20 years apart, they announced they were reun Momofuku ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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