Breakfast At Tiffany'S

Prolific and self-effacing, Henry Mancini was crucial in turning movie scores from their classical music sources toward anoften jazz-based contemporary sound.A new Mancini CD box set, The Classic Soundtrack Collection (scheduled for release in No.. more

I Hate Hollywood 1 Comments

 DuringHollywood’s golden age, movie music wasn’t culled from a stock sonic library(cue that tinkling piano for pensive mood) or stitched together from old pophits (publishing rights owned by the studio?). Even many modestly.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Tonight the Pfister Hotel hosts a particularly ambitious benefit concert for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, presenting 15 area bands on two stages. Performers include Bascom Hill, The Felix Culpa, The Celebrated Workingman, The Boogie Men more

Today in Milwaukee

The once radical marriage of Celtic music and punk no longer seems so radical these days, as The Pogues-inspired punk bands that emerged in the ’90s have shown some unlikely traditionalist tendencies. Even Los Angeles’ Flogging Molly, one more

Today in Milwaukee