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We’ve seen the ads everywhere—on buses and bus shelters, on billboards and on the Internet. They usually feature a woman in soft-focus, worried about her pregnancy, and will refer that woman to a 24/7 help line, often Read more

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Youngblod Theatre Company recently announced its next playa two-person show by Mickle Maher featuring the devil and Dr. John Fausts (played by Michael Cotey and Rich Gillard.) As there's no opening date and, as of yet, no venue for the show (set.. Read more


I'm a 50-year-old man and my wife is 48. We just celebrated our 27th anniversary. About si Read more

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“Everydayheroes” surround us, individuals who donate their time, talent,experience and hard work to benefit those who aren’t so fortunate. Onething they all have in common is the a,Cover Story Read more

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I did not watch this episode with Dr. Oz (I didn't know it was on), but I read the summary and plan to look for it online. In my previous blog regarding Oprah's earlier show in May with Brian Weiss, I mentioned that I had been greatly helped by un.. Read more

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As riotous as his altercations with the (often bumbling) law were in his classic stoner c The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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