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Over 170 buildings in Milwaukee will be open to the public on Sept. 28th and 29th. Read more

Happening Now

Installed in a recently renovated building, Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern successfully brings old-school tavern ambiance and food to Brewers Hill. Read more

Dining Out

View MKE has a love of locally sourced ingredients, a casual yet chic neighborhood vibe and an extraordinary view of the city. Read more

Dining Out

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman said he has learned a lot from reading the “anti-displacement plan” released last month by Milwaukee officials, but the lessons he took away from it might not be exactly what the people behind the report had envisioned. Read more

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Photo credit: Mike Steele

In the coming months, Milwaukee officials will have to answer a central question: Is gentrification actually happening in Milwaukee? If it is, is it essentially a good thing? If it’s not a positive for the city, then what can be done to prevent it? Read more

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Put “The” in front of “Milwaukee Art Scene” and it takes on a new glow, but what (and where) is this golden place?In the 1980s, was it in Walker’s Point, along with Art Muscle magazine and the new Walker’s Point Read more

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Roots opened seven years ago in the Brewers Hill neighborhood, on a site that offers a spectacular view overlooking the city of Milwaukee. Under the guidance of chef/owner John Raymond, Roots became a pioneer in the use of locally sourced o... Read more

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