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Review of the Metro Riders’ album Europe by Night: eight instrumental tracks that sound drawn from master tapes that have decayed in vaults locked and abandoned back when electronic music didn’t have so many subgenres ending in second sylla... Read more

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A flute carved from apricot wood, the duduk is simple yet powerfully evocative. A young musician, Arsen Petrosyan’s debut album Charentsavan: Music for Armenian Duduk includes age-old as well as more recent folk material, beautifully render... Read more

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Brian Eno introduced the ambient music concept in the late 1970s and went on to produce a series of ambient albums by other artists. Day of Radiance, one of Eno’s outstanding projects in this field, his 1980 production for an American artis... Read more

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Until the arrival of Gone Girl: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture , I had no memoryof the music from the film. And that, arguably, is a good thing. A school ofthought could be erected around the idea that soundtrack music should be feltand not.. Read more

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One of rock ’n’ roll’s great charmers, Jonathan Richman inspired a generation of punks with his celebrated first band The Modern Lovers before moving on to a more acoustic, traditional style of rock ’n’ roll inspired Read more

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Conceptually speaking, many people draw a lot of stark lines when it comes to music, separating genres and marking distinctions between electronic and acoustic Read more

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<p> Not unlike Brian Eno's 1978 album, the best music for films is often composed nowadays as if for movies existing only in the imagination. That may well have been the inspiration behind many tracks on Safety Fifth's all-instrumental CD <em>Muc.. Read more

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Since the start of World War I, which coincided with the rise of Hollywood, foreign films have never accounted for a large share of business in the U.S. However, some foreign productions have been very profitable and their introduction through .. Read more

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When a sports celebrity opens a restaurant these three questions come to mind: A: Will the food be mediocre, relying on the name only? B: How overpriced will it be? C: Will the place be like a shrine to the athlete?In the case of Milwaukee ... Read more

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Sounding like The Replacements at their sweetest—and occasionally like Elliott Smith at his happiest and most harmonic—Quinn Scharber and the… charmed the city last year with their debut CD Being Nice Won’t Save Milwaukee, ,Today Read more

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Brian Eno would be one of rock's most fascinating figures if the already broad definition On Some Faraway ,Books Read more

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The cover art for U2’s No Line on the Horizon depicts what appears to be a line on the horizon, and sure enough, it portends an album rife with contradictions. As necessitated by the Internet, here’s my track-by-track insta-review. "No Line.. Read more

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First there were the Beatles and then came the Buggs, Milwaukee's tongue-in-cheek, punk-rock tribute to the four lads from Liverpool. The Buggs' unique approach has won enthusiastic crowds at Summerfest, Bucks games and other big venues, but has ... Read more

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The exact pattern of elements that make for a pleasantly memorable trip to the theatre can be very, very precise. The exact mix of things that will emotionally draw-in an audience changes every night. The exact mix of things the will emotionally d.. Read more


Brian Eno and RobertFripp’s most dynamic and exciting records usually occurred with Beyond Even ,CD Reviews Read more

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This column by Jayson Stark amasses a large number of strange, but true facts from this past baseball season. Some of the feats are truly remarkable.Worth the read. Read more

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December 13, 2007 Witha bit of help from some old friends (including Brian Eno and Comicopera ,CD Reviews Read more

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