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In collaboration with Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Quasimondo Physical Theatre and Cadence Collective, Zie Magic Flute returns this month to a story-appropriate setting—Historic Tripoli Shrine Center. Read more

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Celsius 232 is surprisingly creative and efficient at portraying a dystopian future where critical thought has gone extinct. Read more

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In the newly restored North Milwaukee Arthaus, Quasimondo Theatre will produce Celsius 232, an adaptation of the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. Read more

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On June 16, there will be a “Community Cleanup and Cookin’ Up Arthaus” event that begins with a neighborhood cleanup, followed by a program outside the Arthaus featuring live music and poetry and a barbecue. Read more

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The hour long show is a collection of stories adapted for theatrical performance. Read more



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While Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre has built its reputation by creating thought-provoking and highly original works, its latest production, The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III, will likely leave audiences confused about what they just... Read more


Milwaukee’s inaugural Fringe Festival at Pere Marquette Park and the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts will bring together more than 70 groups representing rock and other music, dance, theater, spoken word and visual arts. The festival ... Read more

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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre presents The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III Aug. 25-Sept. 10 (the Aug. 27 performance takes place at the MKE Fringe Fest and the Aug. 31 show is Pay-What-You-Can) at their new space, Studio Q, upstairs fr... Read more



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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s final offering in Studio G, Kama Sutra (through March 26), taps the Hindu pantheon to explore love, sex and relatedness as they exist both in our time and transcendently. Read more


Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Kama Sutra, directed by Brian Rott and Jenni Reinke, is described by Rott as being about “the physical and spiritual desires that connect us as humans.” The show runs March 11-26 at Studio G, and i... Read more



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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Children of Pac-Men explores the societal and psychological clout of gaming, from its inception to the present day. The result is a surreal discourse on the digital entertainments we create to combat ... Read more



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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Cofounders Brian Rott and Jessi Miller launch the company’s fourth season with their original piece 'Children of Pac-Men,' a “retro-spectacle on the future. Read more


I grew-up in a video arcade in the early ’80s. There was a magic in darkened room with all those neon altars that formed portals to other worlds accessed through coins, joysticks, trackballs and buttons. It’s a magic that’s going to be rea.. Read more


Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre presents an encore of its Kamikaze Cutesauce: Cosplay Club, Aug. 22-24, in Milwaukee before heading off to participate in the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) Aug. 27-30. Read more


With Giraffe on Fire, Quasimondo Theatre’s Brian Rott and Jenni Reinke have created a performance described as a “stream-of-consciousness quest to find meaning in the surreal” framed in the mind and works of Salvador Dalí. Read more



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My understanding is that Chupa Chups lollipops have not changed their logo in over 40 years. Though it’s not alone, one doesn’t normally find that kind of longevity in a piece of commercial art. Of course, if Salvador Dali designs your logo, you m.. Read more



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Quasimondo’s intense Kamikaze Cute-Sauce Cos-Play Club is an insightful exploration of culture, gender and power. Read more



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Consistently one of the most interesting sources for fresh, new theatrical experiences, The Quasimondo has developed shows inspired by such things as infectious pandemics, U.S. culture and the writing of H.P. Lovecraft. This coming February, the p.. Read more


Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre will close out its second season with Brian Rott’s original theatrical adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Rott, Quasimondo’s founding artistic director, will also be directing the show that he s... Read more