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Brian Wilson looks back at the origins of the Beach Boys’ greatest album, Pet Sounds, and discusses his upcoming concert in Milwaukee and his plans for the future. Read more

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This Week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of culture chit-chat, we look ahead at the concert calendar for our annual spring concert preview. Joined by Milwaukee Record's Tyler Maas, who fills in for Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I run .. Read more

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“Time jumps around so much that it’s hard to remember exactly what happened,” Brian Wilson confesses in his memoir. I Am Brian Wilson isn’t a chronicle but a patchwork of memories covering childhood through stardom with The Beach Boys, d... Read more


Noless than Paul McCartney pronounced “God Only Knows” as a “perfect song.”Apparently, John Lennon nodded his ascent. “God Only Knows” appeared on TheBeach Boys’ album Pet Sounds (1966) and would inspire The Beatles.. Read more

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On New Dreams, the imprint of Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren and other heroes of pop craft from long before bandleader Ian Ash’s birth can be heard writ large. The 10 songs are replete with vintage instrumentation and hooks eno... Read more

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The point of the inspirational film I Hope You Dance: The Power and Spirit of Songis that when life is ugly, music can still be beautiful. Of interest are appearances by Brian Wilson, singing Read more

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It's hard to imagine two acts more different than Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck. Wilson's Beach Boys are an American institution with a list of hits you'd need four hands to count, while the averag,Concert Reviews Read more

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At first glance, Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson and British blues-rock guitarist Jeff Beck don't seem like the most natural tour mates. After all, their paths haven't crossed that often during the half century or so each has been in the music ind.. Read more

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In its early years, the Pitchfork Music Festival dedicated its first night to bands performing classic albums in their entirety, a then-novel format with a nostalgic bent that didn\'t fully square with the editorial philosophy of the website behin.. Read more

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As late as last summer, it looked like this year's 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys wouldn't offer much reason for fans to get excited. Yes, rumors of a 50th anniversary tour were flying, but at that point Brian Wilson was saying he didn' Read more

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Two of the city’s most veteran hip-hop DJs, DJ E Rich and Kid Cut Up, the later a founding member of the No Request crew and the co-host of WMSE’s Tuesday night hip-hop program “Mad Kids,” team up every Monday night at the Wicked H Read more

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Milwaukee guitarist Kenny Knoll’s interest in pedal steel led him to Nashville, where his knack for the instrument earned him gigs playing with Carl Smith, Marty Robbins, Dottie West and Crystal Gayle, among many others. Knoll is now the le... Read more

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T.I.'s latest record, King Uncaged, was supposed to be released today, but as with so many anticipated rap albums, its release was delayed. So what are we left with for new releases this week? A whole lot of rough and forgettable discs, but none o.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Brewers wrap up their four-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks with a 1:10 p.m. game this afternoon. Read more

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The weather can usually be counted on to be at its worst during Milwaukee’s quarterly Gallery Night and Day events, where art venues debut new exhibits and host special events, but believe it or not, the weather should actually be pretty mi... Read more

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Come out to see one of this century's most influential composer! The Brian Wilson Greatest Hits Tour is scheduled to stop at the Pabst on Saturday, October 24 at 8pm. He composed "God Only Know,Promotions Read more

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As the visionary songwriter and producer of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson created some of the landmark recordings of the 1960s, including Pet Sounds and the legendarily unreleased Smile, and generally brought the sunny, harmony laden “C,Toda... Read more

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At the brink of global ruin,manyAmericans suddenly seem willing to consider sensible idea The American Prospect ,News Features Read more

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