Brideshead Revisited

 Evelyn Waugh isbest known today for Brideshead Revisited ,the basis for an outstanding British TV series (1981-1982) and a ho-hum movie(2008). But before he slipped into an elegiac mood of loss, he was known asBritain’s be.. more

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I have been a good sport about the 2008 feature film adaptation of Brideshead Revisited, both when it came to theaters last summer and to DVD last month. But now someone was nice enough to send me “Brideshead Revisited: 25th Anniversary Collector.. more

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Evelyn Waugh’s meditation on faith and its absence, and the varieties of love and desire, found a new audience in the 1980s through a British television production of Brideshead Revisited. Readers of Waugh’s novel and fans of the lengthy miniseri.. more

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Brideshead Revisited ,Film more

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The Sunset Playhouse’s latest production mines humor from one of the most unlikely, The Boys Next Door ,Today in Milwaukee more

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   Howmany more greatest-hits packages can be culled from Frank Sinatra’s catalog?The latest features crisp mas,CD Reviews more

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