Renaissance Theaterworks is excited to kick off a new playwriting initiative called Brink! with the debuts of The Griots by Gwendolyn Rice and Janet Burroway’s Parts of Speech. Created by RTW’s Artistic Associate Mallory Metoxen, Brink! is ... Read more


Inorder to keep theater fresh, it’s absolutely essential to establish new worksthat continue to evolve with audiences. Of course, it’s absolutely essentialthat these voices represent a diversity of perspectives otherwise thecontemporary stage .. Read more


Brink is the type of game that has a lot of potential, but suffers from a bad bout of repetition that could potentially bore you to death. The premise of the game is pretty simple: you're on a floating city called The Ark, and you battle an... Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Mostly written on parchment or papyrus, in Hebrew and Aramaic with a smattering of Greek, the hundreds of documents known as the Dead Sea Scrolls became the most famous archaeological discovery since the opening of King Tut’s tomb. Read more

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