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The first sign of trouble on moving day: the family dog refuses to come inside. The second: discovering the boarded-up entrance to a disused cellar. It was downhill from there for the unfortunate family that purchased more

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The second chapter of Hasbro's G.I. Joe resets the franchise. It's more comical, more action-packed and jammed with action stars. Bruce Willis plays Original Joe, now General Colton, returning to the fray, and lending weapons more

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Since releasing Rushmore in 1998, director Wes Anderson has refined a peculiar sensibility of whimsy with undertones... more

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Hollywood genre movies often tell us more about our world and its direction than the big prestige pictures. Witness Surrogates, the most recent Bruce Willis movie (out Jan. 26 on Blu-ray and DVD), directed by Jonathan Mostow (U-571). For all its .. more

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Though video games have proved an enduring muse for all manner of electronic musicians, England’s DragonForce is one only a handful of metal outfits that draws extensively from video-game aesthetics. ,Today in Milwaukee more

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