Bryce Dallas-Howard

Pete’s Dragon is a charming tale whose best moments concern the touching relations between a boy and a great furry creature unrecognized by zoologists. Read more

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Is this the best Jurassic Park sequel? Maybe, but that doesn't mean it's any good. Check out the Optimism Vaccine's 60 second take below.For more 60 second reviews, as well as weekly podcasts and columns, check out Read more

Happening Now

Jurassic World is vastly better than the franchise’s previous lackluster sequels, adroitly placing an updated spin on the original template. Read more

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Since forming in 2008, Oakland five-piece Alright Class has played regular gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by David McKay’s monotone vocals, the group plays a potent blend of jazz progressions, classical counterpoint and pensive Read more

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