Bucks Vs. Bulls

Brewers fans haven't had much to celebrate during this miserable, injury-plagued, scandal-clouded season, but at least the team feels their pain. That's why at all 12 of the home games in August, the team is giving each fan a $10 voucher for food,.. more

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Ever since reading the script in high school, I'd always wanted to see a fully staged production of Marat/Sade. One week ago today I found out for certain that I'd get something like halfway to reaching that goal this coming March. While at int.. more


The Milwaukee Bucks take on their rivals to the south, the Chicago Bulls, tonight at a 7:30 p.m. home game. more

Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks may be fighting the Chicago Bulls for a playoff spot at the end of the year, but right now the excitement stems from the emerging battle for supremacy between the clubs' young stars. Lightning-quick Bucks guard Brandon J... more

Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks always draw a particularly good-sized crowd when they take on their neighbors to the South, the Chicago Bulls. Tonight’s 7 p.m. game should be no different.,Today in Milwaukee more

Today in Milwaukee