Few rappers could claim a better 2012 than Meek Mill, the shouty Maybach Music Group rapper who last year released a fantastic mixtape, Dreamchasers 2 , and a respectable (if surprisingly staid) commercial debut, Dreams & Nightmares . The rapper's.. Read more

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In 2009, the Milwaukee garage-pop band Jaill was plucked from obscurity and signed to Sub Pop Records. That's the narrative, at least—a simplified and romanticized version of the story that downplays the band's role in their signing... Read more

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Jaill's summer-friendly Sub Pop debut That's How We Burn doesn't come out until July 27, but for those who can't wait to start grilling to it, it's streaming online now through (it's also embedded below). The album is a spirited, ev.. Read more

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A Vine reader asked me if I was going to write about thisyear's crop of Nouveaux, so let me give you the backstory behind this wine andwhy its "arrival" is such a big deal before I get to them. Beaujolais Nouveau are made from the ,The Nak... Read more


The summer seems to have arrived. And I suddenly find myself without theatre for two straight weeks. It’s kind of a huge vacancy considering the high volume of shows that I’ve seen in April and May . . . those being some of the busiest months I’ve.. Read more


Any plans that stoner-comedy team Cheech & Chong had to reunite at the turn of the cen Up in Smoke ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and manohman manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So liste Guys and Dolls: ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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