Milwaukee Psych Fest is back for three days, while the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery kicks off the summer street party season a little early. Read more

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How can somebody with a life as seemingly perfect as Gavin Rossdale’s write such anguished songs? Read more

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Brown children are coming! Brown children are coming! Run for your lives!If we all were the decent people we claim to be, the only reaction to tens of thousands of very Read more

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For a rapper who introduced himself as an easy-to-pigeonhole hard-head with a clear reverence for tough, '90s, New York-style rap, Milwaukee's Yo-Dot has spent the last few years doling out surprises. His last couple of albums, 2012's Red Mist and.. Read more

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Nobody in Washington talks much about the poor in America these days, even though they are more and more with us in the economic aftermath of the Great Recession. Perhaps that is why Read more

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For a president who distinguished himself from his predecessor by promising to extricate the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan, Barack Obama suddenly appears determined to maroon Read more

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Nearly a dozen years after the passage of the Patriot Act—rushed through Congress in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation—informed debate over the balance between Read more

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Whether in celebrity culture or in our Facebook-mediated interactions, we live in the age of the human being as a public brand. So there's nothing Read more

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Brad Pitt reunites with Andrew Dominik, director of the elegiac western The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, for a highly stylized, awfully brutal, sharply critical gangster picture, Killing Them Softly Read more

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Though it sold like gangbusters, Bush's 1994 debut, <i>Sixteen Stone</i>, was derided by critics as a shameless attempt to polish grunge-rock for the masses. That feedback must have weighed heavily on frontman Gavin Rossdale, because he.. Read more

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He's been all over movies and TV since the '80s and in <em>Bobcat Goldthwait: You Don't Look the Same Either</em>, the comedian returns to the stage for an evening of standup. A gregarious performer with a bemused expression and a raggedly on targ.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Nothing aggravates Republicans like seeing nasty, effective tactics upon which they have so long relied being... Read more

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"I am in control here in the White House."—Secretary of State Alexander Haig, 1981Ah, the good old days when even a big shot like Gen. Al Haig could get in trouble for such mavericky declarations that defy basic constitutional precedents. Read more

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Many veterans are reaching out to their peers who arehaving difficulty transitioning from being warriors in a threat-filled combatzone to resuming their lives as workers, students, spouses, partners orparents. The transition from warrior ... Read more

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 Bush struggles in minorsBy Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel                                                                                                                                                    July 15, 2009 10:17 p.m.  What.. Read more

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Placed on the 15-day DL retroactive to Sunday, an MRI revealed thatBush has a micro-tear in his right triceps. The tear is a result ofgetting struck by a Hanley Ramirez line drive at the beginning of June.Thisis Bush’s first trip to the DL and .. Read more

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Fans of the shuttered Harry W. Schwartz Bookstore in Shorewood will be happy to hear that a new North Shore bookstore/café is in the works. According to Keith Schmitz, the proposed venture, dubbed Open Book, will be a co-op, like REI and Outpost N.. Read more

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I can't say former Brewers, since the first one was broken my DamianMiller before he came to Milwaukee, but a small graphic in yesterday'sJournal-Sentinel that showed some of the details of Bush's threeno-hitters-into-the-eighth-inning and all .. Read more

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Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire (out now on Blu-ray disc) was the unexpected indie success of 2008, rising from the brink of oblivion to triumph on Oscar night. The British director of Trainspotting and 28 DaysLater has matured without losing h.. Read more

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I'm not sure how this slid below my radar, but one of my favorite contemporary R&B singers, Syleena Johnson, is in town tonight for a 9 p.m. concert at Club 618 (618. N. Water St.) Tickets are $20, or $50 for the VIP treatment. Johnson's first .. Read more

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