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Prince Fielder is in the World Series, but not the one Brewer fans wanted. And thanks to the Giants, Fielder can't give them a little vicarious revenge against the Cardinals for last October... more

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edit: added a new Marquette article from SI published today I've been reading some really good stuff lately, so I wanted to pass on the links... Marquette's basketball team has been getting a lot of ink lately. Folks are expecting them to do b.. more

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The NBA apparently will return on Christmas Day, and the Observers think one big reason is that the millionaires on both sides of the lockout realized they wouldn't be missed until April—if then. Yes, college basketball is that good—always ... more

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This weekend M.I.A. posted an untitled new song to her blog under a post responding to a critical New York Times Magazine profile by Lynn Hirschberg, but M.I.A.'s is not the first Lynn Hirschberg diss track. With Hole, Courtney Love infamously rec.. more

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The drama focuses on a religious wife who is exposedto HIV by her husband. She must ta WhatWould Jesus Do? ,Theater more

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Sixhours of Super Bowl pregame coverage. SIX HOURS! And that Sixhours of Super Bowl pregame coverage. SIX HOURS! And that was just onNBC; four hours ,Sports more

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