Mayor Tom Barrett has declared Sept. 18, 2014, “WisconsinHumane Society Day,” recognizing the organization’s 135th anniversary andsuccesses in 2014.The WisconsinHuman Society (WHS) President and CEO Anne Reed stated in a press release,“Th.. more

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Insect species, which outnumber every other animal species on Earth, inspire a sense of both fascination and fear. Interestingly, the psychological implications of observing insects—whether they are considered beautiful, intriguing, disgust... more

Apr 28, 2010 12:00 AM Visual Arts

After losing four games in a row to Villanova by a total of four points, Marquette had their revenge today in the Big East tournament.The Golden Eagles were a preseason pick to finish 12th in the Big East. Now they're heading into the semi-final.. more

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…Of course, the people flying kites in the cold seem downright sane compared to the hundreds who head to Bradford Beach to take part in another odd New Year’s Day tradition, the annual Polar Be,Today in Milwaukee more

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It took me literal weeks to get out of baseball mode and into football mode. Now, before I could blink, it's time to think college hockey and college hoops. We were at Saturday night's UW men's hockey game and I've got lots to share about that, so.. more

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Come over to Pick N Save on State Street from 10am-11am. Free papers, free coffee drinks and find out more about the Guitar-A-Day Giveaway. more

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What’s your take? Write: ,News Features more

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