C.S. Lewis

In Acacia Theatre’s production of Mark St. Germain’s cleverly written play, Freud’s Last Session, Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis argue about God. Read more



Freud's Last Sessi

Early next month, Acacia Theatre Company and Morning Star Productions jointly present the Milwaukee Premiere of Freud’s Last Session. Mark St. Germain’s drama has Freud welcoming the popular author into his home for a conversation about lo.. Read more



Growing-up entirely outside religion, I always had a problem with the idea of heaven. Anything done for an eternity would be hell. Death is such a powerful motivator. It’s difficult to imagine a world without it being anything other than lifeless .. Read more


 Accordingto Wikipedia, that breathless compendium of trivia, the Narnia movies are “the24th highest grossing film series of all time.” And what ranks 23rdand 25th? And how is this relevant? In any event, three films havebeen made from C... Read more

I Hate Hollywood

It's a conversation between a couple of demons. An elder demon named Screwtape offers advice to a novice demon named Wormwood in the ways of corruption. And it's a fun, little playground for drama when adapted for dramatic presentation in the rig.. Read more


Perhaps more than any other American ska band, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones laid the groundwork for the genre’s mid-’90s rise, creating the fusion of punk riffs, driving horns and party-ready irreverence that so many ’90s acts would bank Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Cedarburg native Josh Thompson is one of the first Wisconsinites since the ’80s to crack commercial country radio’s top 20. The hit to take him there, "Beer On the Table," benefits from amiable hooks and sly machismo. His sincere del Read more

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Debate has largely centered on developing agovernment-run insurance plan, known as the pu Extends coverage to 30 million people. ,News Features Read more

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RSVP’s last production was also a piece by Rudnick, Regrets Only, and it made for an TheNew Century ,Theater Read more