Cactus Club

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Bay View alt-rock club changes hands and expands its mission, seeking inclusivity in programming. Read more

Local Music


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Brazilian singer-songwriter Sessa and his band returned to Milwaukee to play modern sambas and bossa novas on Wednesday. Read more

Concert Reviews

Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy


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“This revised ordinance will empower youth from across the city to organize, perform and attend concerts and multimedia arts events,” Kelsey Kaufmann said about the changes. Read more

Happening Now


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Inventive Baltimore duo are joined at Cactus Club by a pair of comparable Milwaukee bands, Gnarrenschiff and Metavore. Read more

Concert Reviews


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A string of musical acts for the week of Thursday, Aug. 22 to Wednesday, Aug. 28. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

An encounter with Revel in Dimes at Cactus Club on August 8. Read more

Down by Music


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Milwaukee-based activist and screamo-punk band, snag, performs at Hum by Humdrum Fest at Cactus Club on Aug. 10. Read more

Local Music


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Amyl and The Sniffers brought rowdy, punk energy to the Cactus Club. Read more

Concert Reviews

Want to get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes? Find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy


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Two years after the release of their last album, METZ returns to Milwaukee for a Cactus Club date. Read more

Music Feature


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Elton John brings his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour to Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum—a highlight of music events this week in Milwaukee. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee 1 Comments

Milwaukee acts Cabin Essence and Daydream Retrievers opened for the New York power-pop project at a memorable Cactus Club bill. Read more

Concert Reviews

The virtuosic Milwaukee/rapper singer will record a live album with Nickel&Rose and SistaStrings Friday at the Cactus Club. Read more

On Music

For their farewell, the beloved Milwaukee indie-rock band went down cracking jokes and spitting fire. Read more

Concert Reviews

Dear Ruthie offers advice to a reader and describes several events taking place this week around Southeastern Wisconsin that are of special interest to the LGBTQ community. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Read Shepherd Express’ Saving Our Democracy column for a list of political and social justice activities you can get involved with taking place throughout the greater Milwaukee area for the week of July 26-Aug. 1, 2018. Read more

Saving Our Democracy 3 Comments


Photo Credit: Alyson Camus

Alice Bag, the 59-year-old Chicana trailblazer, punk singer, songwriter, author and activist, speaks to the times on her new album, Blueprint. Read more

Music Feature


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A listing of Milwaukee Day activities that run the gamut of everything that the city has to offer. Read more

A&E Feature

The shtick-free Milwaukee rock quartet returns with three more killer tracks that capture the best of an era gone by. Read more

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