Cactus Club

The virtuosic Milwaukee/rapper singer will record a live album with Nickel&Rose and SistaStrings Friday at the Cactus Club. more

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For their farewell, the beloved Milwaukee indie-rock band went down cracking jokes and spitting fire. more

Concert Reviews

Dear Ruthie offers advice to a reader and describes several events taking place this week around Southeastern Wisconsin that are of special interest to the LGBTQ community. more

Dear Ruthie

Read Shepherd Express’ Saving Our Democracy column for a list of political and social justice activities you can get involved with taking place throughout the greater Milwaukee area for the week of July 26-Aug. 1, 2018. more

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Alice Bag, the 59-year-old Chicana trailblazer, punk singer, songwriter, author and activist, speaks to the times on her new album, Blueprint. more

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A listing of Milwaukee Day activities that run the gamut of everything that the city has to offer. more

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The shtick-free Milwaukee rock quartet returns with three more killer tracks that capture the best of an era gone by. more

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Bully frontwoman Alicia Bognanno discusses the band’s Midwestern ties and values, and the satisfaction of screaming deeply personal lyrics. more

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Ruthie answers a question from a reader with a rudely lackadaisical sister-in-law. more

Dear Ruthie

Milwaukee has a long history of LGBTQ poets, including two, Antler and Jeff Poniewaz, who served as the city’s poet laureate. more


It’s here! The snowy downhill slope into holiday madness that occurs once Halloween hits. I’m talking about Hallowthanksmas. more

Dear Ruthie

After a day of PG-rated fall festivities at the Beet Street Harvest Festival, Cactus Club hosted a rowdy night cap. more

Concert Reviews

The organizers of the Attic Jams concert series have stayed true to their three priorities: local artists, local venues and local charities. Attic Jams’ next concert is at Good City Brewing on Sunday, Sept. 3—a benefit concert for Milwaukee... more

Local Music

It’s rare to see a festival as dedicated to a specific sound and specific approach as this weekend’s Triple Eye Industries Fest. more

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It’s hard to listen to Pallbearer’s difficult new album, Heartless, without thinking about the culture that’s re-enabled white supremacists. more

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Riverwest celebrates with one of Milwaukee’s most underrated street festivals, while the Wisconsin State Fair kicks off. more

This Week in Milwaukee

Rapper Queen Tut says her Milwaukee sound helps her stand out in New York’s hip-hop scene. more

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Two huge casts of Milwaukee musicians come together to pay tribute to John Lennon and Bob Dylan at some of this week’s many fundraisers for great causes. more

This Week in Milwaukee

Pop-punks Direct Hit! were joined by a horn section during a rare all-ages show at the Cactus Club. more

Concert Reviews

After three years of ups, down and changes, Milwaukee rockers Whips reconvened for their vital sophomore album, The Ride. more

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