Café Manna

Vegetarians, or anyone with an appreciation for healthful food, should make a point of seeking out Café Manna in Brookfield. The menu offers options that weave influences of world cuisines into scratch-made, raw, vegetarian, vegan and glute... Read more

Dining Out

Café Manna (3815 N. Brookfield Road) is a bit of a drive from Milwaukee, but for the serious vegetarian, the rewards are worth it. Symbols on the menu indicate items Read more

Dining Preview

Among the few area restaurants devoted to vegetarian food, most have basic settings. One exception is Café Manna, which opened in Brookfield Town Centre in 2008. Located in the building just east of Sendik's Market, Café Manna is an invitin... Read more

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Pull up a search on the Internet for vegetarian restaurants in the Milwaukee area and you’ll find a growing list of places that offer vegetarian food not just bread and french fries, but nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals. Read more

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