Camp Randall

The Badger Football/Camp Randall team has announced 28 upgrades to the gameday experience at Camp Randall stadium, which is a pretty large, comprehensive series of upgrades to make the entire experience of going to a Badger Football game. So far, .. Read more

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Click here to see a 52-second time-lapse video of the rink being constructed inside Camp Randall Stadium. Very, very cool. Read more

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No pun intended, but construction is beginning on the outdoor hockey rink at Camp Randall and there is a live camera trained on it so you can see the progress. How awesome is that?Check in here over the next few days to see the rink as it's put to.. Read more

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Park haunted house, part dance party, Hauntfest at the Wisconsin State Fair park may be the oddest Halloween attraction in the region. This year, the 13,000-square-foot haunted house pays tribute to the late Michael Jackson and his iconic, ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

I've lived in Wisconsin since 1975 (a transplant from the Chicago area) and Green Bay sill Brian's Song ,Sports Read more

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It's time to meet the maker of Christmas cheer and toys, its the jolly big guy, Santa Claus, plus Mrs. Claus and some of his merry little elves. This is a great time to bring the kids out to meet Santa and avoid the long mall lines. Plus, w... Read more

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