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Moments after I turned in my column Monday boldly declaring Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential candidacy was dead as a doornail, The New York Times sent out the first story breaking the news that Walker was pulling out of the race. Read more

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No one familiar with Gov. Scott Walker should be surprised that as his Republican presidential campaign has gone into a free fall Walker is resorting to ugly racial tactics on his way down. Read more

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Scott Walker, health care reform, ACA, Obamacare, Marquette Law School poll, Citizen Action of Wisconsin Read more

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Only in today’s Republican Party would an openly offensive candidate like Donald Trump be described as “a breath of fresh air.” Read more

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Remember when governors became serious presidential contenders based on their records of success? Read more

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The reaction to recent events tells a lot about an all-but-declared presidential candidate like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is not widely known but suddenly finds himself thrust into the national spotlight. Read more

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On top of massive funding cuts and threats to the University of Wisconsin’s mission, Republican lawmakers are finding another way to attack the state’s higher education system: by weakening tenure for faculty. Republicans like Assembly Spea... Read more

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Over the weekend, the Wisconsin State Journal reported a bombshell: WEDC gave a $500,000 unsecured loan to a high-dollar Walker donor’s company after that company couldn’t secure a loan elsewhere. Not surprisingly, the company defaulted on ... Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker continues traveling the world at Wisconsin’s expense in an attempt to build fake foreign policy credentials for his unannounced but ridiculously obvious presidential campaign. As Walker left for his latest taxpa... Read more

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On Sunday the Journal Sentinel ran an article about Scott Walker being perhaps the only average middle-class guy running for the Republican nomination. The other contenders either inherited money or made real money on their own in the priva... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, unofficially a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, promised that he would sign a ban on abortions after 20 weeks if the GOP-dominated Legislature passed one and that he supports one at the fed... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recent statements on the campaign trail show that he is becoming as dangerous as former Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who destroyed lives by smearing them for their political beliefs. Walker recently compared peaceful ... Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s Our American Revival is a 527 organization that can take in unlimited funds from individuals, PACs and corporations while he’s not officially a candidate for president and afterwards. But American Democracy Le... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s four-day fake trade mission to England was certainly a pointless waste of state money that was never really intended to do much of anything to expand Wisconsin business. As for the trip’s real purpose, a shallo... Read more

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Wisconsin Republicans are attacking the state Government Accountability Board (GAB) because the GOP is not interested in clean elections. The Republican Party does not want the nonpartisan GAB to be involved in the John Doe investigation or... Read more

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How times have changed.As a lightning-rod governor facing a recall in 2012, Gov. Scott Walker raised Read more

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The latest campaign finance filings show that Gov. Scott Walker took in $9.5 million this year, with 120 donors giving the maximum to him under the law, $10,000 Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker is known as a formidable campaign fundraiser. But a recent report by the watchdog group One Wisconsin Now (OWN) is raising questions about who, exactly, is Read more

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Scott Walker billedtaxpayers $221,046 for use of the state plane in the first six months of thisyear, according to records I’ve obtained through an open records request. That’s up from$133,044 he spent in the final six months of 2013 and $160.. Read more

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Reporters have just started digging through the 27,000 pages of documents released in the long-running John Doe investigation that yielded six convictions of Gov. Scott Walker’s county Read more

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