Recreational marijuana is still banned federally in Australia, but its capital chose to legalize it, following in the footsteps of some U.S. states. Read more

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With recreational marijuana being sold freely in both Illinois and Michigan in the near future, Wisconsin will become an island of illegality. Read more

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By Yarygin

A report finds that hemp-growing licenses have soared since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the crop nationally. Read more

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Discussion with Larry Konopacki, general counsel for the Wisconsin Hemp Alliance, about how to move hemp forward. Read more

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The 49th annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival returns to Madison Friday, Oct. 4 through Sunday, Oct. 6 with speakers ranging from hemp farmers to state representatives. The annual march to the state capitol is planned for Sunday afternoon. Read more



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Milwaukee medical maverick points out the pros and cons of contemporary health care and its alternatives. Read more

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Although recreational cannabis has been legalized in Illinois, municipalities can still choose to ban its sale. Read more

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Grown in greenhouses or fields, cannabis plants produce the CBD products that have been flooding Wisconsin. Read more

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Registered nurse Erica Mallory and her husband have included hemp into their farm, bringing CBD products to farmers markets to educate the community about it. Read more

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A national survey shows how America’s marijuana use and perceptions of the substance have evolved in the past couple of decades. Read more

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East Troy is getting its own CBD store, Dispensary on Division, which sells CBD-infused kombucha tea and more. Read more

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With their own farm just outside of Milwaukee, this seed-to-shelf shop ensures the quality of each product they sell. Read more

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CBD-infused food was supposed to be a one-time offering at Jewels Caribbean Restaurant & Bar, but its popularity made it a staple of the menu. Read more

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The MORE Act aims for federal decriminalization of cannabis and social justice. Will it become federal law? Read more

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“When we help with the branding, we help clear some of the stigma,” cannabis branding expert explains. Read more

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Cream, LLC’s Diane Strauss knows that Wisconsin can regain the top hemp growing status it enjoyed before World War II. Read more

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Selling “drug paraphernalia” is illegal federally; what about in Wisconsin? Read more

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Marijuana use among the youth decreases by 8% after it is legalized, according to a national study based on data from 1.4 million high schoolers. Read more

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CBD retailers, including Verdant, CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin and Hazy Dayz answer common questions about cannabidiol. Read more

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Gallup poll reveals the main reasons Americans support or oppose legalizing the drug. Read more

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