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Rob Zaleski, longtime reporter for Madison’s Capitol Times, reveals in his biography of Ed Garvey that Bernie Sanders and Tammy Baldwin were inspired by the Wisconsin activist’s example. Read more


U.S. history is examined from many provocative angles, including racism and war, in new books from America’s academic presses Read more


It is a strange, strange world indeed when powerful Republicans fight to undermine Republican prosecutors attempting to uphold the rule of law. Read more

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John Nichols, Capital Times associate editor and national correspondent for The Nation, will discuss his new book co-authored with Dave Zweifel, Cap Times editor emeritus, at the Milwaukee Public Library East Branch on Dec. 20. Read more

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Now, thanks to an essay dug up by the Capital Times in Madison, we are reminded that state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley inserted herself into a highly contentious debate on abortion and birth control, taking a very controversial po... Read more

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The idea of an election on April Fool's Day is absurd. Sneak up on aco-worker and say, "I voted for Gableman." Just before the stunnedcolleague can respond, you holler, "Wisconsin Fools!" Thenyou go to your next cubicle and announce a.. Read more

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The thought of a part-time Capital Times is hard to accept. The Cap Timesisthe only progressive daily paper in the country and having it move tothe internet (mostly--there will be a Wednesday print version) may benecessary but it is painful f.. Read more

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Carrie Rodriguez, who headlines an 8 p.m. show at the Pabst Theater tonight, received a e New York Times ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Anyonewhohas children is aware of the number of resources available to new andprospectiv Shepherd Express ,Books Read more