Carl Jung

The 2009 publication of Carl Gustav Jung’s The Red Book revealed that he was thinking in images as well as writing about them. The Art of C.G. Jung is a further exploration of visual art produced by the path-laying psychoanalyst. Read more


The Red Book, an illustrated journal of Carl Jung’s visionary experiences, was published only in 2009 under the editorship of Sonu Shamdasani. Lament of the Dead transcribes conversations between Shamdasani and Jungian psychologist James Hi... Read more


John Kerr\'s scholarly, minutely researched account of the early years of psychoanalysis, concentrating on the collaboration between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and their eventual break, has been made into a major motion picture starring Viggo .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

On "Pondering the Night Sky," for example, Paleface marvels at something as simp The Show Is on the Road ,CD Reviews Read more

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