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Chan Marshall’s cough Monday night was a curious thing. It was persistent and discomforting, a constant distraction throughout the first half of her erratic performance, yet it seemed triggered not so much by... more

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I've long held a soft spot for singer-songwriters and bands who build unsettling dirges around Nirvana's terse, bluesy chords and slow-burning angst---Scout Niblett, Young People, Family Tree-era Bellafea, pre-self-parody Cat Power---so I was thri.. more

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You know summer is on the horizon when the kites come out. This year, the season’s first major kite event, the Family Kite Festival, has added an extra day, running both today and tomorrow at Veteran,Today in Milwaukee more

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A lot’s changed in the eight years since Chan Marshall released The Covers Record. Most obviously, Marshall’s stock has risen considerably. Her face no longer graces just the pages of small, indie zines but also the covers of major entertainment .. more

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The Skylight Opera unveils its latest production, Everything From Ray to Z, tonight at th chiquangue ,Today in Milwaukee more

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