Cedarburg Art Museum

A new exhibition opens at The Warehouse featuring works by 20 artists from 12 different countries. Tim Fonk’s exhibition also opens this week at the Cedarburg Art Museum. The exhibit displays wall masks, avian studies and sculptures they inspired. Read more

Visual Arts

“The Stereo Photography of Hal Rammel”—currently at the Cedarburg Art Museum—at first like a standard-enough show of black-and-white photographs and photograms, until handmade viewing contraptions and dioramic setups bring the show to life. Read more

Visual Arts

Veteran artist Paul Yank’s exhibition “Process and Perspective” is on view at the Cedarburg Art Museum through Aug. 26. Meanwhile, Milwaukee has many exciting openings coming up, including several tied to July Gallery Night and Day, July 20-21. Read more

Visual Arts

Port Washington’s Gallery 224 celebrates Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day April 28-29. On April 29, Cedarburg Art Museum offers a presentation on the lives of the exhibited artists in Wisconsin Modernists: Rebels from Regionalism. Read more

Visual Arts

A trinity of new exhibitions featuring work by Michael Santini, Joseph Friebert and Kathie Wheeler opens at the Cedarburg Art Museum on Thursday, Aug. 31. The 2017 Annual Members Show opens at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts on Friday, S... Read more

Visual Arts

Cedarburg Art Museum will celebrate the opening of two newexhibitions on Friday, Sept. 9. The featured artists, Art Gebhardt and GailMacejkovic, will be present at the party from 6–8 p.m. “In the Mind’s Eye” explores the thought-prov.. Read more

Happening Now

Viola is shipwrecked without a rehearsal as Theater RED presents a staging of Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night performed entirely without rehearsals. The show will be staged for one night only. With no rehearsals and only one performance, t.. Read more


Congratulationsare in order: The Cedarburg Art Museum has received a tidy grant from theWisconsin Humanities Council to defray the costs of Cedarburg's Bernhard Schneider: From Lens to Brush . The newexhibition focuses on the artist's pa.. Read more

Visual Arts

Alongside its rougher-edged cousin Chicago house, Detroit techno has irrevocably altered the very DNA of popular music, all without ever completely surrendering its underground credibility. By sparking the worldwide rave phenomenon (and by ... Read more

Concert Reviews

While most rock artists of the 1960s faded to mediocre long ago, Richard Thompson remains vital. A batch of new songs recorded on tour, Dream Attic recapitulates many familiar elements of his sound without succumbing to redundancy. Echoes o... Read more

Album Reviews

If it were possible to mash everything on alternative radio into a doughy paste, then cook the batter in an easy bake oven for a half hour, the resulting band would probably be indistinguishable from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This shape Read more

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