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The music heard on Wild Man Blues featuring the multi-faceted jazz pianist Ehud Asherie is everyone’s idea of a sophisticated night on the town—if the town is Manhattan in an earlier age. Read more

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Director-actor Clint Eastwood is best remembered for tough guy roles, but some of his best films echoed his love of jazz. Read more

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The War on Drugs began in the 1930s when the director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics launched a scare campaign equating pot with heroin and convinced Congress to outlaw marijuana. Martin Torgoff’s Bop Apocalypse: Jazz, Race, The Beats, ... Read more


Magic is an overused word, especially when writing about movies, but La La Land is truly magical. It reunites Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for another round of young love following their success with C,Film Reviews Read more

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Off the Cuff interviews Mark Davis, Milwaukee’s premier jazz pianist, director of the Wisconsin Conservatory’s Jazz Institute and member of the faculty jazz ensemble We Six, which can be heard on the recording Bird Say. Davis has also autho... Read more

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Alto saxophonist Charlie Parker irrevocably recalibrated the modern ear. With stunning technique, fresh harmonic conception and unrelenting melodicism, Bird (as he was and is known to the hip) set the jazz world on its head. Rudresh Mahanth... Read more

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