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Three more finds from the endless piles of $1 CDs at Half Price Books on 8514 W. Brown Deer Rd: The Soup Roses - Hotwired (1992) Early '90s alt-rockers weren't much interested in dancing, at least not in America. But things were .. Read more

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Once upon a time, there was a fiscally and socially responsible senator named John McCain. Despite his presidential ambitions, the Republican from Arizona spoke out against the economic royalism of his party’s leadership in the White House an... Read more

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On the old site, I used to run a semi-regular Discount CD Round-Up feature, but I’ve cut back in recent months, mostly because I made a resolution not to buy CDs I don’t need. Does it matter that I can snag the Tommy Boy sound.. Read more

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Beginning today, The Milwaukee Public Museum hosts the heralded (and occasionally controve New York Times ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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