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Bowie on Bowie, a curated collection of interviews with David Bowie from 1969 through 2003, will interest fans but also speaks to a phenomenon of Bowie’s peak years when what rock stars said was often as interesting as what they played. Read more


Fred Pascente, a Chicago police officer with Mafia ties, presents his memoir in Mob Cop. Read more


Investigative reporter Pate McMichael spent years reading FBI files to research and debunk conspiracy theories concerning the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. His book Klandestine shows James Earl Ray, a hateful bigot, as the lone gunm... Read more


  As Tom Williams writes in his new biography, A Mysterious Something in the Light: TheLife of Raymond Chandler (Chicago Review Press), Chandler never courtedHollywood. But for the movie industry, he was exactly the sort .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

 Tounderstand the rise and fall of Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, one of Hollywood’sfirst superstars, let’s turn for comparison to Michael Jackson. Like the late20th century superstar, Arbuckle was enormously popular andinstantly .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

 What’sthe “best” film ever? It’s a futile game but fun to play, especially when theparticipants are filmmakers. In his book, The Best Film You’ve Never Seen (Chicago Review Press), Chicago Sun-Times editor Robert K. Elder puts a spe.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

 TheThree Stooges enjoyed a remarkable run among America’s most enduring—andinstantly recognizable—comedians. Their raucous antics suggest naughty boys inmen’s bodies. The Stooges’ humor was lower brow than most, lacking the pathosof Laurel .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's Roadside Picnic, reissued in a paperback English-language edition by Chicago Review Press, is a classic Soviet-era science fiction novel that rivals the work of Bradbury, Asimov and Ellison. It's hard not to no... Read more


Pleasure has a long history, and so do desserts in Michael Krondl's delicious account. The award-winning cooking instructor finds a sweet tradition going back thousands of years in India, where the ambrosia is described in Hindu scriptures,... Read more


There’s a fine line between magic and forced fun, and The Flaming Lips sometimes crossed it after they earned a reputation for their festival performances last decade and their music began taking a back seat to their prop-laden spectacle. T... Read more

Concert Reviews

This weekend’s Milwaukee Symphony concert gives us a chance to hear the magnificent Symphony No. 1 by Edward Elgar (1857-1934), last played here in 1994. The self-taught son of a music shop owner, Elgar rose from poverty in the early 1880s ... Read more

Classical Music

Like the pundits he lampoons, Stephen Colbert often boasts of his own power, priding himself for a phenomenon he calls “The Colbert Bump,” the increased interest in a person or product after it is mentioned on his program. One of the oddest... Read more

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Documents obtained byOne Wisconsin Now through the state’s open records law show th Shepherd Express ,Expresso Read more

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The Revolution of 1979 sawtwo different cultures clash violently. Overnight women’s A PersianGarden ,Art Read more

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