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Donald Trump isn’t going to make it easy for Republicans to ignore all the evidence and exonerate their party’s president in a Senate impeachment trial. Read more

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Our state might become the biggest focus nationally for both parties, especially because of its higher percentage of white, non-college-educated voters who are Donald Trump’s strongest remaining supporters. Read more

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Rather than the Chinese, victims of Trump’s trade war are, largely, his own supporters. Read more

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Trump’s $12 billion welfare program for farmers facing massive financial losses from his poorly conceived trade war with China is but a brazen political payoff to rural Trump voters. Read more

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While the world focused on the atomic tantrums of North Korea or the efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, China has quietly enlarged and modernized its arsenal. In Chinese Nuclear Proliferation: How Global Politics is Transforming Chin... Read more


Experience Asian culture at its colorful best. Milwaukee’s premier showcase for Asian culture. Asia Fest of Milwaukee is an experience ofmusic, dance, food and fellowship binding cultures from across Asia into acolorful, vibrant, and delicious f.. Read more

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Last week, just after Gov. Scott Walker won re-election on a tax cut platform, Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb announced they need $750 million in new taxes and fees to pay for the highway Read more

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Well before it became a political football, China made headlines with tales of economic growth in the face of a global downturn and reports of poor conditions in its factories. Eric Jay Dolin’s well-crafted account of chapter one in Read more


"I'm a son of Detroit. I was born in Detroit. My dad was head of a car company. I like American cars," said Mitt Romney when he met with President Obama to discuss foreign policy. "And I would do nothing to hurt... Read more

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The brazen hypocrisy was stunning when Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson accused his opponent, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, of being soft on Iran, identifying President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad... Read more

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Chinese dissident artists get all the press in the West, and Li Kunwu is not among their ranks. Now a Communist Party arts administrator, he grew up during the hateful Cultural Revolution of the 1960s... Read more


Ai Weiwei could have had a comfortable career as an artist in China, especially after his contribution to Beijing’s emblematic “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium. But he bit his master’s hand, posting blog comments critical... Read more

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Why do America's 1% care so little about the country's middle class? Investigative reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele answer this way: Even after reducing American workers to a cheap labor pool, the growing middle classes of B... Read more


Fake outrage is a little like pornography—hard to narrowly define, but you know it when you see it... Read more

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Just as aspiring judges ought to possess the quality known as "judicial temperament," a would-be president... Read more

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For the last two decades, we've heard many myths purporting to explain the loss of American manufacturing jobs... Read more

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The global impact of the American debt crisis—and the likelihood of permanent damage to American interests—are already visible to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) from his perch as chairman... Read more

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By this point in the summer, there’s a kind of restlessness that starts to emerge in kids and adults alike. Being a father of a newborn daughter, I am beginning to see those days on the horizon where at some point in July or August of say . . . .. Read more


Curtis Carter came to Milwaukee in 1969 as an assistant professor in philosophy at Marquette University and has long since become a full professor. Climbing the academic ladder, however, was never a sufficient objective for the tireless Car... Read more

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A rare glimpse into the Palace Museum of Beijing's Forbidden City awaits visitors of the Milwaukee Art Museum exhibition “The Emperor's Private Paradise: Treasures From the Forbidden City.” Ninety works were chosen from the Palace Garden... Read more

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