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Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou directs a compelling movie about the personal costs of his country’s Cultural Revolution. more

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The Chinese government is trying to suppress Summer Palace. After its debut at Cannes, the regime banned its director, Lou Ye, from filmmaking for five years. Fortunately, Summer Palace has been released in the U.S. on DVD. Chances are it won’t .. more

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Like so many electronic- and dance-music collectives, the Chicago group Mahjongg is diffi Kontpab ,Today in Milwaukee more

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In a good Chinese costume drama, there is always an empire in turmoil, a bitter dynastic struggle, vast armies assembled in choreographed columns and balletic displays of martial arts—often by characters endowed with the power to fly. Legend .. more

I Hate Hollywood

The latest Milwaukee Rep production tells the story of a once forgotten blues record label Red Pepper ,Today in Milwaukee more

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