Despite “serious” being in the name of his product, Trey Taylor likes to have a little fun with his brand, Ser!ous Bean Company. Read more

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The Fajitas Grill opened in 2010 to good reviews, contented customers and casual Mexican fare. Last June its doors quietly closed, but a bit more than a month ago, owner Arturo Napoles and his wife, Rachel Read more

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The classic poetry/spoken word open mic program is one of the more dynamic ways for performance to interface with the raw substance of language. People perform pieces they’ve written—sometimes modifying them there onstage while they’re performin.. Read more


Chipotle Mexican Grill 600E. Ogden Ave., 223-4710 3232 S. 27th St., 389-1380 2717 N. MayfairRoad, 258-6649 $ CC: VS, MC, AmE,Dining Out Read more

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I'm so mad at myself because I assumed that the Women's Frozen Four would be next weekend since this weekend is the holiday. I never actually checked and of course I missed the Badgers' semi-final match against Harvard last night. The Badgers won .. Read more

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I'm ambivalent about the upcoming Destroyer album, Trouble in Dreams. On one hand, I’ve been listening to it for two months and still haven’t warmed to it, but on the other, it took me nearly as long to discover the wonders of Destroyer’s last al.. Read more

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Wednesday's (2-6-08) review of Chipotle ("Food WithIntegrity") lauded Chipotle electorate, ,Letters Read more

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When youthink of fast food, what words come to mind? Integrity? Sustainability?Health? P The Art of Eating ,Eat/Drink Read more

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