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“I would rather not put anybody on my albums,” A$AP Ferg insists, “because less people means more me.” Read more

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The last half-decade has been a transitional one for contemporary R&B. One of the dominant... Read more

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I'venever held artists to a particularly high moral standard. I was never botheredby Woody Allenmarrying his step-daughter; I certainly didn't care when Kanye Westupstaged Taylor Swift at an MTV award show; and I'm almost disturbingly good at.. Read more

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Mequon’s Willy Porter conjures Bob Dylan on the title track to his forthcoming recession-inspired album, How to Rob a Bank, a portrait of America’s current credit crunch. In the spirit of the times, though, his scheme is more Bernie Mad,Tod... Read more

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A great day for new song leaks. First Method Man and Redman drop a long overdue new song, and it sounds like it was preserved in amber from 2000 (in a good way), and then Ghostface of all people emerges with a song that addresses the Rihanna/Chris.. Read more

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I still vividly remember the time a decade ago when some friends accidentally pulled up a grotesque photo of the Chris Farley's corpse when doing an innocuous web search for the comedian. It was the day I realized that the Internet is fundamentall.. Read more

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First Wrigley gum dropped Chris Brown's promotional campaign yesterday, now the Milk Campaign has pulled Brown's "Got Milk" ads. But more troubling for the R&B singer: Radio stations have stopped playing his music, too. I called Kiss FM .. Read more

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Though the guy makes great summertime singles, Chris Brown has always seemed a fairly unlikable guy—kind of like a moody, faux-thuggish Nelly, without the wholesome core. Something about his omni-furrowed brow invites comparisons to the worst of .. Read more

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Since his last album with Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst has been hacking at his songs with a s Conor Oberst ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Whenwe reviewed Yaffa (106 W. Wells St.) in January, the Mediterraneanrestaurant was only open for dinner. Now that summer has arrived,weekday lunches have returned. Yaffa’s outdoor deck, located directlyon the RiverWalk, provides a pleasant lunc... Read more

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  Thoughthe show remains highly popular, it’s been more than a decade since th Damn Yankees. ,Theater Read more


At 75, Willie Nelson’s legacy is well cemented, but Nelson keeps recording like he still owes the IRS back taxes. In the last three years alone, he’s released a high-profile country-reggae albu,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Being the least attended of Milwaukee’s ethnic festivals at the Summerfest grounds may be a dubious honor, but it’s also one of Polish Fest’s selling points. Without battling incessant cr,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Not even a generous helping of Lil Wayne can save the racket-laden new Chris Brown single, "I Can Transform Ya." Coming off the whole "furiously beating one of the world's biggest pop starlets" thing, you would think that Brown would opt for a son.. Read more

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