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State senator Chris Larson makes a case for increasing the budget for education. Read more

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Hopefully, when the Wisconsin Legislature next convenes, it will be with a different legislative makeup, and it will be able to make up for the lost “Walker Decade” with better priorities. Read more

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Milwaukee County Courthouse

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After much deliberation, the Shepherd Express decided not to make an endorsement for this office in the February 18 primary. Read more

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Winners in the City Confidential category for Best of Milwaukee 2019 including subcategories like Best Milwaukee Alderperson, Best Local Entrepreneur, Best Local Activist and more. Read more

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Get personally involved in local politics and social justice causes; find out how by reading Saving Our Democracy. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

Our respect for State Sen. Chris Larson has grown throughout his years in public service from the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to becoming among the youngest Democratic Senate leaders to serve in 2013. Read more

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The Shepherd Express’ Saving Our Democracy column for the week of May 3-9 details several important political and social activism events you can attend throughout the coming week. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

The Shepherd Express announces its political endorsements for the Tuesday, April 3, Wisconsin elections. Read more

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Jay Salvo

The lawmakers are responding to the FCC’s vote last month to repeal net neutrality regulations that prohibited broadband providers from censoring content and charging for a higher-quality online experience. Read more

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County Executive Chris Abele used his family money to win three elections, and he is now using his family’s money to launch a war against some of Milwaukee’s most respected elected officials. His line of fake news consists of half-truths an... Read more

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Sanctuary Woods is a pristine woodland situated between County Grounds Park and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) in Wauwatosa. Wauwatosa Mayor Kathy Ehley has recently expressed anxiety that the Sanctuary Woods is no longer prot... Read more

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“The basis for all fear is ignorance. And ignorance promotes hatred. And hatred promotes violence.” Read more

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Friday the 13thFest, a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, will be held at the Riverwest Public House, you guessed it, Friday, May 13.“Friday the 13thseemed like the perfect day to do this event, because it fits into our.. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Parks System is beloved by many, but you could argue that one of its greatest champions is newly retired Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry Broderick, who headed the county’s parks committee during some of system’s tough... Read more

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So was it good for you?Wisconsin’s election results seem to be a mixed bag, withouta lot of clear messages that I can decipher this morning, without the help offinal, granular numbers. But here goes: GOP voters supportedthe establish.. Read more

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With less than a week to go before the April 5 election, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and his challenger, state Sen. Chris Larson, are taking very different stands on Jonette Arms, the highly respected interim director of the county's De.. Read more

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We believe that Chris Larson will launch a new era in Milwaukee County government and finally end the Walker-Abele policies. We are asking Shepherd readers to vote for Chris Larson on April 5. Read more

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As you watch Chris Abele’s incessant attack ads until the April 5 election, remember: When Chris Abele attacks Chris Larson over his “tax plan,” he’s really attacking the majority of Milwaukee County voters. Read more

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Thursday night, amid the sleet and snow, the all-appointee MilwaukeeCounty Mental Health Board finally heard from the public about the impact ofthe board’s decisions on consumers, families and county residents. The board rarely hears from the .. Read more

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This is a guest commentary by Patrick Small.A cornerstone of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’sagenda, unmentioned in his carpet-bombing campaign ads, is his zeal forprivatization. In January 2011, Abele told PolitiFactWisconsin that he i.. Read more

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One fascinating Milwaukee County Supervisor race to watch is District 18 in the county’s far northwest corner, where Wisconsin Jobs Now Executive Director Martha Collins-De La Rosa is taking on conservative first-term Supervisor Deanna Alex... Read more

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Chris Abele’s TV ad accuses Chris Larson of being on the side of big banks and Scott Walker—a ludicrous accusation, given that Larson has fought Walker’s agenda every step of the way and it’s Abele, instead, whose worked closely with Walker... Read more

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