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Much has been said about how stunning Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s Democratic primary victory was and how it sets him up to run for any public office Read more

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We encourage Shepherd readers to head to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 12, for the partisan primaries. Candidates from both major parties are on the ballot that day so Read more

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It’s pretty safe to say that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t want to talk about his record in office during last Friday’s interview Read more

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All eyes—and the media—will be focused on the gubernatorial race this fall. But before voters determine whether Gov. Scott Walker deserves a second term on Nov. Read more

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The state Republican Party spent its recent convention frantically trying to hide its craziest, most wild-eyed members who were crusading for Wisconsin’s right to secede from the United States Read more

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This sounds great. The immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera will host a bilingual candidate forum for the candidates for Milwaukee County Sheriff, Democrat Christopher Moews and Republican Steven Duckhorn. Sheriff David Clarke has declined .. Read more

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Say what you want about Sheriff David Clarke but he’s got bank. According to his latest campaign finance forms, Clarke raised $49,428 since January and spent a mere $10,330. That leaves him with $91,635 ($32,000 of which is personal loa.. Read more

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Back in the day—eight million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, to be exact—dinosaurs could swim. With almost the entire planet submerged in water, of course, they didn’t have much of a choice. The prehistoric creatures that lived Read more

Today in Milwaukee

While the changing economy one by one picks off Milwaukee’s best independent stores like teens in a slasher flick, patrons of Milwaukee’s Broad Vocabulary aren’t letting the shop go down without a fight. They’re trying to reinvent Read more

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