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For over a decade, Summerfest had a snowy counterpart festival know as “Winterfest," a longer, but lower-profile event that was meant to attract visitors to Milwaukee during the tough-draw wintertime months. While Winterfest was never ab.. Read more

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Any week that two of the most influential comedians of all time swing through Milwaukee is a good week. Read more

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Chris Rock’s latest project, Top Five, features the writer-director-actor playing a comedian-turned-film star who gives full access to his life to a pretty journalist (Rosario Dawson). Read more

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In Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, Christian Bale appears as Moses in this Ridley Scott. Read more

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Music fans can bless and blame Gang of Four for inspiring everything from some of alt rock's most resonant moments to the most unfortunate rap-metal muck. Now is as good a time as any for the genuine article to make a return appearance with... Read more

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Dapper and affable, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has become the foremost public spokesman for African American history. With his PBS series “Exploring Our Roots” (out on DVD), Gates begins his genealogical journey with his own people before broadenin.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

With an urban-slum setting similar to Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning phenomenon Slumdog Millionaire, only without any feel-good carrot at the end of the string, Pedro Costa’s three-hour drama In Vanda’s Room paints a realist picture of the Read more

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