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The Brewers are earning consideration as one of the league’s elite teams. Read more

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The Brewers and partners will announce their sponsorship of the former U.S. Bank fireworks. Read more

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We're in the heat of prediction season, and the Brewers are looking good this year! Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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The single biggest challenge for the Milwaukee Brewers this season will be the insanely difficult division they play in. Read more

Milwaukee Brewers

In recent years major league teams have taken major strides in recognizing that a healthy, well-rested player is often significantly more productive and valuable than a player who plays every single game. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Brewers hitters consistently overperformed versus the Reds in 2018. Will a revamped pitching lineup change that? Read more

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Kirsten Schmitt

David Stearns and company deserve credit for everything they’ve accomplished on a below-average budget, but their options are going to be limited this winter. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Christian Yelich finished the season with the best final month in franchise history. Here are the previous top five performances. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Two months into his first season in Milwaukee, Christian Yelich is already everything the Brewers could have hoped he would be and a little more. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle